Modernized Guest Management

Get rid of the paper clutter. Use a seamless guest registration and management solution.

Quick Guest Check-In

Quick and Easy Sign In Process for your guests. For constant guests, they only need to log their information once. Repeated visits only needs a simple authentication method.

Ease and comfort at the core

The core purpose of Rejist is to make guest sign-in experience easy, quick and seamless while making adminstration easy for the organization.

Secure Admin Access

As an organization, you are keen on seeurity. From the admin portal, admins can manage emeployees, guest access and monitor activities in real-time.


Run your client app from any operation system of your choice. Available for Android, iOS and Windows.

Easy Host Experience

As the host, you have to flexibilty of managing your expected guests by pre-booking them and they get a notification instantly. You can also manage your guests - notifications and booking from our mobile application.

Sneak Peek

Have a little feel of what's in.

Employee App


Easy to use employee application.

Self-Service Kiosk

Guest Sign In

With a self-service kiosk, your guests can sign in electronically with ease.

Easy Admin


As an organization, see all major info at a glance.

Intro Video

Intro Video

Let's see some introduction into Rejist.

Request a Demo/Quote

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